DBT-based skills group and individual therapy focus on coping and problem-solving skills— designed specifically for adolescents.

What will my teen learn?

  • Distress Tolerance: This will help them make safe coping choices even when in crisis.

  • Emotional Regulation: We work on managing feelings through education and skill building activities.

  • Walking the Middle Path: The program helps teens take a more balanced perspective on the issues they face.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: This allows teens to practice asking for what they need from others in ways in which they will be successful.

What is the parent component?

Parents also attend meetings with Dr. Kuzirian to get updates on the skills your teen is learning. Topics around managing technology use, setting limits, following through with consequences, being consistent and asking hard questions always come up.  Parents find these meetings helpful for maintaining progress!

Our evidence-based program will give your teen immediate skills to manage depression and anxiety and will continue to be of benefit as they enter early adulthood. Teens practice applying the skills they learn at home, at school, at work and with important relationships.

Is this group right for my teen?

This group is for teens ages 13-17 who currently see a therapist and are hitting a wall in treatment and may be showing escalating behavior related to depression and anxiety. If you are not sure, I am happy to coordinate with your child's current treatment team or therapist.

How does it work?

Practice!  I keep the curriculum simple so that your teen does not feel overwhelmed and we can focus our time using the skills in real life situations.

Practice! Part of the group time is used to check in and see where the teens had success and difficulties in using the skills during the week. Then, they get support and solutions from myself and other group members.

Practice! Parents are still the most important figure in their child's life (even if it may not always feel like it right now).  You will learn skills as well so that you can validate when you see your teen using the skills throughout the week, giving them a sense of encouragement.  When you come to the Parent Group we will give YOU lots of encouragement and support!