What happens in therapy?

Assessment: Dr. Kuzirian collects information about your child and your concerns using a variety of tools; with this information she begins to formulate a plan.

Setting Goals: She will collaborate with you and your child (depending on age) to select a focus of treatment.

Creating a Plan: Once we know what we want to work on together, your family's unique characteristics will help us decide on a strategy to get there.

Identifying Our "Team": This may be teachers, a guidance counselor, pediatrician, psychiatrist, other family members or just you, depending on your child's needs.  Collaboration with your child's "team" brings with it a lot of momentum and positive support.  This greatly helps with the maintenance of the goals once they are met.

Monitoring Our Success: We check in and look at where we are with the goals previously set so we can identify what is working and what isn't.

Saying Goodbye: Yes, contrary to popular belief, therapy does end.  This can be a very proud moment for a child and parent.

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